40% of Americans live paycheck to paycheck

According to Prosperity Now, an economic advocacy group, millions of middle-class Americans are just one missed paycheck away from poverty.

Four (4) out of 10 families do not have enough money saved to make due in case of loss of a job or a sudden financial or medical emergency.

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This is a stunningly sad statistic.
It's especially true for so many people in the 68th Assembly District.

My opponent has done little to nothing in terms of introducing legislation aimed at addressing the contributing factors of the working poor.

If elected, I will introduce legislation aimed at:

  • Addressing the mental health component of the homeless epidemic.
  • Creating affordable housing for the lower to middle class.
  • Lowering the cost of higher education in California's public schools.
  • Keeping toxic chemicals out of our parks and schools.

Join my grassroots campaign to bring accountability and responsive representation back to the 68th District.


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