Changing History in Sacramento

California laws regarding public safety officers' use of force have not been revised since 1872.

I spent two years working with community activists, religious leaders and civil rights advocates on seeing a 147-year-old law revised.

AB 392 - which elevates California’s deadly force law from when officers think it’s “reasonable” to only when “necessary” - was just passed by both houses of the state legislature and is awaiting Gov. Newsom's signature.

READ: All that’s left to overhaul California’s police use-of-force law is Gavin Newsom’s signature

I helped write an op-ed on behalf of Stephon Clark's father-in-law.

I walked 12 miles through the halls of the State Capitol and personally spoke with 10 members of the State Assembly - except my current Assembly member (and current opponent), who refused a meeting.

It took two years, but the legislation got passed and presented to the governor for approval.

I'm proud to have been part of this advocacy. I know how hard people throughout the state worked to get this passed.

If elected as the Assembly member for the 68th District, I won't duck meetings with my constituents. And I'll keep working hard to keep our residents safe.

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