Working for Lily


I'm not a politician. I'm a working-class husband and father.

I'm running for State Assembly for people like Angela and her daughter, Lily.

Angela discovered the City of Orange uses RoundUp and Speed Zone in all of our city's parks - both known to cause cancer. Her daughter's toxicity levels were off the charts for the toxic ingredients in those products.

After almost a year of writing and calling city staff, Angela invited me and representatives from Non Toxic Neighborhoods to meet with the city manager and staff.

City staff suggested we reach out to: other city stakeholders, our Assembly member (done/not interested), our Congress members (done), instead of asking the City to enact a moratorium on spraying.

One staffer remarked that unless the state changes the law, Orange will keep spraying these toxic pollutants.

I promise to fight for Angela and Lily and every other family in Orange and the rest of the 68th District.
We deserve safe parks and representatives who fight for us.


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